“Lets stop talking about the problem and just get on with fixing it!” by connecting you to the solutions!
She comes from the pioneering family that brought Australia “The Pancake Parlour” back in 1965. As a result, she understands not only the economic realties of food but also how people relate to food, like no other.

  • The Pancake Parlour was the first family restaurant in Australia

  • Her father comes from a long line of farmers with great farming principles

  • Her mother came from a line of strong generational women

  • Her step-father encouraged her to follow an organic path supporting her global attendance at conferences over 14 years

  • The Pancake Parlour, through Samantha was the first organisation in Australia to buy a Soil Carbon Credit

  • Where possible, organic products were introduced into the restaurants

  • Her personal journey has spread over 14 years of research

  • She has written 3 books, all of which were championed by the headmaster of Trinity Grammar who did his thesis on Climate change and considered them visionary.

Samantha is an original thinker, a controversial expert and a mother who wants her children to have a future. So much so that Channel 10 interviewed her to discuss her thoughts:


Many of Samantha’s insights are ably supported by her work as a sculptor and artist. You can visits and find out more here – http://www.infinart.com.au.

What Sam has done so far…


Presented in Modena Italy, as an end commercial user, integrating products into the supply chain, raising the issues she saw producers needed to address to aid the expansion of the movement. Presented a paper for the South Australian IFOAM in 2005.


Spoke on the same topic as in Modena. Farmers and producers of organic food were the main attendees. Sam received a very vociferous thank you for her work in opening this up to the larger market users, as chain stores with 50,000 customers a week.


Visit the website here – http://sustainabilitydrinks.com/.
Hosted and co-sourced speakers for Sustainability Drinks Melbourne, For six months as a volunteer, as it was going through an ownership changeover, bringing humour into the more energy based talks to date, introducing the food sector into the discussion.

Mainly city workers and government bodies attended, concerned by the things not being done.Looking to recruit more to expand the sustainability movement, which is now becoming global collection of local groups.


Founding member attended the international counsel to determine ways forward in a think tank environment.


Submitted environmental artwork (with my business partner) and spoke at schools about the land-for-life movement, part of a group highlighting the need to support the island cultures, especially for those dependent on the land for their livelihoods whilst be threatened by climate change and rising sea levels.


The Head of “Women in Business” over the Oceania pacific region, an NGO dedicated to generating and empowering indigenous peoples of the islands to grow sustainably, championed Sam into the island regions to launch her books there. The Head felt the books would educate her people and those she had training others to go back to the land and no longer require handouts. She was working to have them translated in to the 25 languages of the island nations she oversaw in her capacity as head of the regions main NGO.
Sam visited her in Samoa, by her invitation, presenting while there.

Contacts details for any of these are available upon request.