We are surrounded by the results of destructive decisions made by a self-interested few. We stand on the brink of a global outcome that threatens not only our very basic requirements but our very ability to survive! Not only is Food Security topical, the quality of the food being produced is also under scrutiny. Are we eating ourselves into starvation?

Until now, it has been about government and big multi-national players following systems, processes and structures of their making, coupled with a massive loss of trust in the media. However, a subtle shift in power and information accessibility has flipped the models for participation, poised for the revival of a counter force – the upswell of ideas, techniques, unity and elegance.

We’re now seeing an emerging requirement for inspirational, creative thinking, consultative styles and effective partnering to address these issues, especially tackling the food question, at both the grass roots level and at the big end of town.

Bottom line is, if we keep doing what we’ve always done, we’ll continue to get what we’ve always got… and we want that to STOP!

These trend indicators all point to a new way of exploring feeding the nations of the world. Climate FOOD! 


What Sam has you thinking about is…

  • Revisiting the definition of food?

  • Redefining “you are what you eat”…even more so as what you eat is climate changing

  • Understanding how food is valued?

  • Discovering how “comparing apples with apples” takes on a whole new meaning!

  • Exploring why are we starving ourselves fat

  • Like sin/sex, having a moral responsibility towards food and the planet, regardless of what we do in the privacy of our own homes

  • Farming mainstream style and what it’s actually doing to the food?

  • Learning how to help farmers help you

  • Worrying about carbon tax must cease, instead reduce the global temperature before the methane on the sea bed converts and everything becomes moot.

  • Nature will always win! It’s us and maybe life on earth that will lose out

  • Defining the benefits for you and your world

  • Overcoming the limiting beliefs created by the markets and the media

  • Discovering the activities that help you participate and contribute